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UKE magazine numéro 13 : Don

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j'envoie gratuitement le numéro 13 de UKE magazine (en anglais), à faire tourner !
Merci de m'envoyer l'adresse en message privé.
Premier arrivé, premier servi.
Une idée du sommaire : (en particulier une interview de Barry Maz du site GOtaUKulele).

UKE Magazine Issue 13 - March 2018
Andrew Molina brings some sunshine and flair from Hawaii to this issue, as he gives an interview in advance of his appearance at GNUF and mini UK tour. And from a completely different part of the USA, there's a feature on the fantastically energetic uke-prog-rockers Cousin Earth - who offer frenetic, electric and fast-paced ukulele based original music.
With technique and tips at its core, Issue 13 has, from Phil Doleman, two features on improving your skills, while there are also articles on how to avoid on-stage disasters and how to start a band.
On the gear side, the boss of Risa is put through his paces and there are reviews of different, unusual ukuleles that you plug in.
Amongst a host of other features, there are also interviews with Leisa Rea of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, Peter Moss and an update from the Winter NAMM show!


Idem pour le numéro 14 dont voici la présentation :

Issue 14 features the superbly talented star, Taimane - who talks about her style and technique, divulging some tips to help ukulele players in their quest to improve. We also speak to Zoë Bestel as she releases her second album with the help of record label, Last Night From Glasgow. And there’s an interview with Utah-based trio, The Naked Waiters, who describe how they get their signature sound.

Concluding the series of interviews with Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain members, we catch up with Ben Rouse, discuss how to spice things up at your uke club, get a host of tips from top players and review some beautiful new ukes!

Diantre! 'faut qu'je fasse tourner celui d'avant !
Si ça intéresse quelqu'un... Mp.

faudrait aussi compléter le titre du fil
" Uke magazine numéros 13 & 14"  :)


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